Scrap Your Car In Brooklyn Center, MN

Hook & Book Towing LLC is happy to announce the extension of its services to Brooklyn Center – MN.

We’re a trusted tow and scrapping company based in Isanti, Minnesota operating under full licensing and registration. We offer car removal, emergency tow and regular auto transportation services across the state. We’re known for our service quality and customer care and high standards of professionalism and guarantee customer satisfaction.

If you live in Brooklyn Center – MN and need car removal or tow services, we’re here to help!

Why Choose Us?

We guarantee impeccable services to our clients and customers across the board. We do this through uncompromising service quality at reasonable rates and by fair compensation for scrap cars and other vehicles.

Professional working for our company possess both the training and experience needed to provide problem free services regardless of the task being undertaken. We’re accessible, helpful and are more than happy to facilitate you in any way we can.

Our dealings are fair and transparent, our work is up to standard and our top priority is your satisfaction making us one of the best tow and scrap service providers around.

Vehicle Scrapping Services

If you have recently gotten into an accident or simply have an old car sitting in your driveway that no one wants to buy, don’t worry. We’ll gladly take it off your hands.

Our services include valuing and buying old and unwanted vehicles that our customers no longer need. We are not picky and are open to accepting vehicles in almost any condition. This includes vehicles that are damaged, totaled vehicles that are barely running, and trucks or cars whose repair costs are higher than their resale value.

The value we offer depends on the overall condition of your car and we make sure that it is to your benefit. If there’s a car that you need to get rid of, give us a call!

Auto Towing Service Info

Our auto towing services in Brooklyn Center include regular as well as emergency auto tow services. Our tow rates are extremely reasonable and we have the equipment to move your vehicle to whatever destination you may require.

We provide safe and secure vehicle transportation when required within the city and within the state to personal and commercial clients. We load, offload and transport your vehicles with utmost care ensuring that they are delivered as we received them.

Our emergency tow services are available to you at a moments notice. If you have met with an accident, busted more than one tire or have suffered a vehicle breakdown we can help you evacuate your vehicle and move it to garage or safe location. With a fleet of flatbeds and wheel lift trucks we’re well equipped to handle any kind of vehicle load without breaking a sweat!

Contact Us

If you’re located in Brooklyn Center – MN and are in need of more information on the services we offer in your city, you may call us on (763) 334-2233 and speak with one of our company representatives.

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