Junking Cars with Mechanical Problems

If you’re reluctant to sell an older car because you’re attached to it, or because you’ve invested money into costly repairs, we understand. But as your car gets older, the mechanical issues could become more frequent, which means more money out-of-pocket for you to keep it safely operating.

Hook n Book Towing Junk Car Removal

If your transmission is slipping, your head gasket is blown, there are electrical issues and a constantly dead battery, or the check engine light keeps coming on, it may be time to part with your vehicle rather than continue to bandage it with costly parts and repairs. 

If you’ve come to the realization that you need to stop bleeding money with your older car, let us make you a cash offer to take it off your hands. The peace of mind of not worrying about constant repairs and roadside breakdowns will make the decision easier, even if your beloved car has sentimental value!

Free Estimates and Free Towing

Remember, we pick up your inoperable vehicles, free of charge – no towing costs – so you get cash, and get rid of a headache and an eyesore in your driveway.

We service Minneapolis and St Paul and surrounding suburbs, so if you’re in the Twin Cities metro area, let us pay you instant cash for your vehicle.

Call Hook & Book Towing today at 763-334-2233 to get an instant cash offer for getting rid of that junker with mechanical problems!