3 Steps to Selling Your Junk Vehicle for Cash

You can have cash in your hands if you’re ready to part with a junk car, truck, van or SUV that’s giving you headaches. Maybe it’s cluttering up your garage, driveway or property, creating obstacles and eyesores. Or maybe it’s just getting old and unreliable, and the cost of repairs will outweigh the value of the vehicle. At some point, you have to pull the plug and get it out of your way. When that time comes, Hook & Book Towing will come to the rescue.

At Hook & Book, our aim is to remove the headache and make the process simple for you.

3 steps to selling your junk car

We have an easy, 3-step process that will get your junker outta site, often before sundown on the day you call us!

  1. Call us and provide the details of your junker:
    –Make, model and year, and its condition
    –Is the title available?
  2. Accept our cash offer over the phone
  3. Schedule a window of time for us to pick it up.

We’ll arrive to pick it up, give you cash on the spot, and handle all the paperwork. Did we mention we tow away your junker for FREE?

Check our 100+ five-star customer reviews to see how professionally we handle all vehicle scrapping jobs.

Call us anytime at 763-334-2233 to get started!