Sell Your Junk Car In Coon Rapids, MN

Hook and Book Towing LLC is a registered and licensed towing and car scrapping company based in Isanti – Minnesota. The company provides a complete menu of towing and scrapping services which include auto towing, auto transportation and car removal.

The company is proud to announce the extension of its services to the residents of Coon Rapids – MN.

Why Choose Hook & Book LLC?

When it comes to auto transport, towing, or removal services no one does it better than us. Our team is well trained, polite and extremely helpful.

We are flexible and accommodate our clients wherever we can. Our services are top notch and dependable across the board and we make sure our service charges and compensation rates are suitable. For those located in Coon Rapids – MN in need of towing, transporting or car removal, we’re the folks to call!

Auto-Towing Services we Provide

We offer dependable auto towing services geared to making sure our customers are not kept waiting. Equipped with both flatbed trucks and wheel lifts, we guarantee that we can move your damaged or broken down vehicle to where you need it to be from any location.

We offer prompt and timely services and don’t fuss.If you’re stuck and need that vehicle moved, we’ve got you covered.

Transportation Services we Provide

Even if your vehicle hasn’t broken down and you simply need to have it transported, we’ve got you covered. We offer to work with both personal and commercial clients and guarantee to move your vehicles safely.

From loading and unloading to the process of transport, we’re careful, meticulous and guarantee safe transport of your motor vehicles.

Junk Car Removal Services we Provide

If you have an old vehicle that you want to get rid of but can’t find a buyer for, we’ll take it off your hands! We accept damaged and old vehicles as well as totaled vehicles in running condition. It doesn’t matter if your vehicle repair costs top the total value. We’ll take it off your hands regardless. Our junk car removal services include evaluations, towing and fair compensation (depending on the condition) for your scrap vehicle.

Prices and Information

If you’re looking for more information on our services in Coon Rapids or wish to connect with us for price details and other enquiries, call us now on (763) 334-2233!

Have a Junk car, Truck, Suv OR Van that you want to get rid of ?


Get cash in exchange for your junk cars, SUV, truck or van! Hook & Book towing MN has extensive experience buying cars.