Junk Car Transportation In Ham Lake, MN

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We give you an accurate and estimated price for your junk car based on the details you provide us about the vehicle. The more details you have about your car, the better it is to be able to determine a competitive price for your vehicle. This is dependent on the demand for vehicle parts of the particular manufacturing brand and what condition the car is in.

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In either case, if you accept the offer, you get cash for a junk car without worrying about the cost of getting rid of it or individually selling parts and still having to deal with the rest of the scrap.

Here are some factors that impact the quoted price.

1. Make/Model of the vehicle

The year the car was made in, the company that manufactured it and whether or not it’s a limited edition vehicle impacts its current value. This is because how excessively used it was depends on the value it will have in terms of the materials used in the car. Also some cars have materials that are easily recyclable or greater amounts of aluminum or steel, which ranks them as more valuable.

2. Price of Scrap Metal

The price for scrap metal varies from each year to the next depending on the demand for steel and aluminum and the availability of supply. If there is a lower supply of metal, there is greater chance of getting a higher quote on your junk car.

3. The condition of the vehicle

When you sell your junk car to us, we are more concerned with the amount of recyclable materials—for example, metal—that we can get from it. If it needs a bit of work and can be restored easily, it has a chance of getting a higher price, but if it’s rusted out, the value is determined based on the scrap value.

4. The demand for its parts

If car parts for a specific make or model are rare and not easily available, they have a higher demand and greater value! Functional exterior parts such as tires, suspension parts, and even head lights can be easily fixed and reused.

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