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If you require car removal, emergency tow or regular auto transportation services, Hook & Book Towing LLC is happy to announce that we will be offering our services in your area. We’re a Minnesota based company, operating under full license and registration, specializing in provision of auto tow and scrapping services across the state. We’re well reputed with years of experience and when it comes to our priorities, customer satisfaction is paramount.

If you’re from the fine city of St. Paul – MN and wish to get rid of an unwanted car or have a damaged one towed and transported, we’re at your service.

Why Choose Us?

Our guarantees to our clients include uncompromising service quality, reasonable service charges or rates and brilliant compensation for scrap cars and other vehicles.

Members of our team possess both the training and experience needed to provide seamless services across the board. We’re easy to communicate with and are always available to address any concerns relating to our work.

We pride ourselves in fair and transparent dealings. Whether compensation for scrap cars or by way of our services, we make sure our customers are satisfied and the services we provide are up to the mark.

Auto Towing Services Offered by Us

If you need to have your car transported, we’re the people you should to call. Our emergency tow responses are quick and dependable. It does not matter if you have met with an accident, busted a tire and don’t have a spare or are stranded with a broken down vehicle. We’re happy to help get you out of any vehicle related fix.

Even under normal or non-emergency circumstances, we offer to move your vehicles in a safe and secure manner to where you need them. Our loading, unloading and transportation of your cars and trucks is done with extreme care. This helps ensure that they are delivered in the same condition we picked them up in. With a fleet of flatbeds and wheel lift trucks we can safely say that we’re well equipped to handle any kind of vehicle load.

Vehicle Scrapping Services Offered by Us

If you have an unwanted automobile just parked in your driveway or have totaled a vehicle and don’t see the point in spending on repairs, we are happy to buy it from you!

We’re not picky when it comes to condition and accept damaged cars, extremely old vehicles and totaled vehicles that are barely running. Even if you can’t find another buyer for your vehicle because of its condition or because repairs cost more than the sale price, we’ll buy it anyway.

If you want to get rid of a damaged or unwanted vehicle with minimum hassle, we’re happy to have it valued, pay you the right compensation and have it towed from your parking space! Give us a call now for more details!

More Information

If you require more information on services we offer in St. Paul – MN you may call us on (763) 334-2233 and speak with one of the members of our team.

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