Spring Lake Park

Hook & Book Towing LLC is happy to be announcing extension of services to the city of Spring Lake Park – Minnesota.

We’re an in Isanti – Minnesota based company operating under full license and registration, providing car removal, emergency tow or regular auto transportation services in various parts of the state. We’re recognized for our high quality of service, professionalism and customer friendly approach. Regardless of what we’re doing for you, we guarantee to make your needs our top priority.

If you’re a resident of Spring Lake Park – MN in need car removal or tow services, just give us a call!

Why Choose Hook & Book Towing LLC?

The things that make our company stand out include our dedication to customer satisfaction, professionalism and honesty. Our team is well trained, easy to communicate with and ever ready to facilitate our customers in any way possible. They also possess the technical skills and experience to see any tow or car removal job through.

The rates we charge you for services provided as well as the compensation we offer for your unwanted vehicles, is always fair and reasonable. We look out for customers we serve and guarantee nothing but top notch services across the board. Whether it is auto-transport, emergency towing or unwanted car removal – we’ve the folks you want to call!

Auto Towing Service Information

We provide both regular and emergency auto tow services, offering to work with personal as well as commercial clients. We charge reasonable tow rates and are equipped to move your vehicles to and from whatever destinations may be required within the city as well as within the state.

We offer safe and secure vehicle transportation making sure that loading, offloading and transporting of your vehicles is done with utmost care to ensure safe transport.

Our emergency tow services are prompt and reliable. We can help you move your car regardless of whether you have met with an accident, busted a tire, or have suffered a vehicle breakdown. With a fleet of flatbeds and wheel lift trucks, we can safely say that we’re well equipped to handle any kind of vehicle load. Big or small, damaged or running, we’re happy to haul it.

Vehicle Scrapping Service Information

You might have a car taking up space in your driveway that you no longer want or need. If you can’t find a buyer or simply do not want to go through the hassle of locating one and negotiating, we’re happy to help!

We’ll accept your old or unwanted cars and vehicles and offer you adequate compensation in return. We’re not fussy! It doesn’t matter if your car is damaged, old and outdated or totaled and in barely running condition. Even if repairing your car costs more than what it would sell for, we’ll take it!

We’ll inspect your vehicle, determine an agreeable estimated value and offer you more than reasonable compensation to take it off your hands.

Contact Us

If you require more information on services we offer in the city of Spring Lake Park– MN, you may call us on (763) 334-2233 and speak with one of our company representatives.

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