Sell Your Junk Car In Forest Lake, MN

Hook & Book Towing LLC is an Isanti – Minnesota based company offering towing, moving and scrapping services. The company is licensed and registered providing services that includeemergency towing, auto transportation and car removal for over a decade.

Hook & Book Towing LLC will now be extending their full services to the residents of Forest Lake – MN.

What makes us the Best?

We pride ourselves in our dedication to customer satisfaction, professional work ethic and honest way of dealing. Our team is trained, helpful and easy to communicate with making sure that our customer’s needs are attended to.

We make sure that the rates we charge you for our servicesand the compensation we offer for scrap vehicles are fair and reasonable. Whether it is auto-transport, emergency towing or unwanted car removal – we don’t compromise on services and guarantee reliability across the board!

Scrapping and Car Removal Services – Forest Lake

If you need to get rid of a vehicle you no longer want or can no longer use, we offer to compensate you and take it off your hands. We aren’t picky and will accept your unwanted vehicle if it meets our requirements!

Cars we accept include damaged cars, extremely old vehicles and totaled vehicles in barely running condition. Even if the repair costs for you vehicle are more than the total value, it’s not a problem for us!

If you’ve got a car sitting in your driveway taking up space that you can’t find a buyer for, look no further and contact us!

Auto Towing and Transportation Services – Forest Lake

We offer both regular auto-towing and emergency towing services to personal and commercial customers.

When transporting your vehicles we make certain that our loading, unloading and transportation is done in a way that guarantees ensures safety. We guarantee that your vehicles will be transported without a scratch and damaged vehicles will sustain no further damage. With a fleet of both wheel lifts and flatbed trucks, we’re equipped to move and transport your vehicles regardless of size.

Even if your vehicles break down anywhere leaving you in need of an on the spot emergency tow service, we’re available. We offer highly reliable emergency towing services and do our best to keep our waiting times short, providing you the support you need.

More Information

Feel free to connect with professionals from our company for more information on services we offer in Forest Lake by calling us on (763) 334-2233.

Have a Junk car, Truck, Suv OR Van that you want to get rid of ?


Get cash in exchange for your junk cars, SUV, truck or van! Hook & Book towing MN has extensive experience buying cars.