New Brighton

Hook & Book Towing LLC is an Isanti based company specializing in the provision of auto tow and scrapping services across the state of Minnesota. The company, operating under full license and registration, has been offering services that include emergency towing, auto transportation and car scrapping for over a decade.

Hook & Book Towing LLC will now be extending its full services to the residents of the city of New Brighton – MN.

Our Guarantee

We are recognized across the state in all the cities we serve because we guarantee to uphold high standards of professionalism. Whether it is car transportation, emergency tow services or vehicle scrapping, we offer nothing but premium services.

Professionals in our team possess both the training and expertise to ensure that the work we promise is done in a safe and satisfactory manner. We’re extremely helpful and are ever ready to answer your questions regarding anything relating to auto towing and transportation.

Above all, we’re honest and straightforward when it comes to our dealings and don’t short change our customers. Whether compensation for scrap cars or services provided, mutual benefit is our top priority.

Scrapping and Car Removal Services – New Brighton

If you require an unwanted or unusable vehicle removed from your parking space, we offer to compensate you and take it off your hands. We aren’t fussy about the condition of your car and will accept it if it meets our requirements. Even if you can’t find a buyer, we’re happy to help!

Cars we accept include damaged cars, extremely old vehicles and totaled vehicles in barely running condition. Even if the repair costs for your vehicle top the total resale value, it’s not a problem for us!

If you’ve got a car collecting dust in your driveway and occupying space for no reason, contact us!

Auto Towing and Transportation Services – New Brighton

We offer complete auto tow services including regular auto-towing and emergency towing services to both personal and commercial customers.

During regular vehicle transportation, we make certain that we load, unload and transport your vehicles in a manner that is safe and ensures security. We promise that your vehicles will be transported and delivered to wherever you need them in the same condition we picked them up in. With a tow fleet that includes both wheel lifts and flatbed trucks, we can safely say that we’re well equipped to move and transport your vehicles regardless of size or type.

We also provide emergency tow services and respect the fact that that you could meet with an accident or suffer a vehicle breakdown or malfunction at any given time. We try to respond to emergency calls as quickly as possible and provide prompt and dependable auto evacuation services.

Regardless of the size of your vehicle or the situation you’re in; if you need it hauled, give us a call!

More Information

Feel free to connect with professionals from our company for more information on services we offer in the city of New Brighton – MN by calling us on (763) 334-2233.

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