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Hook & Book Towing LLC is a registered Isanti – Minnesota based company operating under full licensing, specializing in tow & scrapping services. Services offered by the company include emergency towing, auto-transport and vehicle scrapping. The company has been working with clients successfully for over a decade, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Hook & Book Towing LLC is happy to be offering its complete services to the residents of the pleasant and quickly growing city of Maple Grove – MN.

Auto Towing and Transportation Services in Maple Grove – MN

We offer auto towing services to anyone in need of them residing in Maple Grove and other parts of Minnesota. Services include regular auto transportation services and emergency services.

When transporting your vehicles under normal or non-emergency circumstances we make certain that our loading, unloading and transportation is done in a way that guarantees vehicle safety. We assure our clients that their vehicles will get where they need them to be, unscratched and un-dented.

We are aware that accidents and vehicle break downs may happen anywhere and at any time. We provide prompt and reliable emergency towing servicesfor vehicles of any size helping you evacuate your vehicle to a safer location. We don’t keep our customers waiting and respond to emergency calls as quickly as we can.

With a fleet comprising of both wheel lifts and flatbed trucks, we’re equipped to move and transport your vehicles regardless of size and in any situation.

Vehicle Removal and Scrapping Services in Maple Grove – MN

You might have a vehicle parked in your drive space that you no longer need and want to dispose of. If you’re having trouble finding a buyer and are at the end of your rope, give us a call. We’ll buy it from you!

We accept all kinds of vehicles in pretty much any condition. These include damaged cars, old or unwanted vehicles and totaled cars in running condition. We even accept vehicles where the service and repair costs are higher than the estimated resale value.

The compensation we offer is based on our value estimate of your vehicle. We take into account the vehicles condition but make sure that what we compensate you with is more than adequate in any case. If you have a car you can’t find a buyer for and want to sell for a reasonable price without any hassle or stress, call us! We’ll buy it!

Why Choose Hook and Book Towing LLC?

If you’re looking for a company offering reliable, dedicated and highly professional two and scrapping services, we’re the ones to call. Whether we are transporting a vehicle for you or taking an old one off your hands, we make sure we are fair, clear and customer friendly when it comes to our dealings.

Our teams are highly trained, experienced, easy to communicate with and efficient. We provide nothing but the best by way of services to our clients, and promise reasonable service rates and fair compensation for old and unwanted vehicles. It is the fact that we are specialized and the fact that we are dedicated to serving those we work with that makes us a good choice when it comes to auto scrapping and tow services.

More Information

You may connect with professionals from our company for more information on services we offer in Maple Grove – MN by calling us on (763) 334-2233.

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